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Dear Friends,

 A Giant Thank you!

To so many who have made these past 8 years of fundraising for breast cancer awareness into a success, and turned my vision for elitepinkmiami  into a reality. All of this hard work began as a way for me to honor the memory of my mom, Linda Martens, who lost her courageous battle with breast cancer in the fall of 2006.

These past 8 years truly have been a labor of love. I am overwhelmed at the passion and dedication generated by so many who have taken part in the events I have put together. I am also very grateful for the amount of funds we have been able to raise for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Organization, which is dedicated to ending breast cancer forever. This organization, founded by Nancy Brinker, began as a promise to her sister, Susie, who lost her life to breast cancer in 1980.

Nancy has made incredible strides with SGK and has helped to bring a spotlight to this disease and in funding research for a cure. I found the mission of this organization to be aligned with mine “to end breast cancer forever” and decided it was the organization I wanted to support through my events. 

Hairdressing is the industry my mom loved. She was extremely passionate about its limitless possibilities and learned early on “to not let anyone tell you that you can’t, because you can” as long as you are willing to work hard for what you believe in.

 She was a stylist, salon owner, and beauty distributor as well as a wonderful mom. Somehow, she was able to juggle all of these hats and do all of them well. Linda’s involvements in the industry, in turn, lead me to a life of hair care at a very young age and soon after graduating from college the opportunity to be her partner in business. An experience that I found to not only be a wonderful learning opportunity and the building blocks for my development, but 16 wonderful years spent with my best friend with memories that will last me a lifetime.

After her passing, I decided I needed to help others and get the “pink” message out. I also figured what better avenue to do this in than the beauty industry-an industry dominated by women.  I felt compelled to get the message out about early detection when breast cancer is most curable and hoping to educate many and save some from the pain my mom endured fighting breast cancer.

Linda was the most talented hairdresser I know. She could envision hair designs and shapes into whoever sat in her chair. Her passion for the industry was not limited to just being a great hairdresser, but about sharing her talent for artistic hair design and business knowledge with whomever she met in our many years in the distribution business. My mom was self-driven to be the best in all she did. Most importantly, she was driven to giving back to those around us.

Again, thank you to so many who have helped me honor my mother, support a wonderful cause, and become part of something bigger than anyone of us could do on our own.

Please join us in one or all of our
“pink” events in 2014 and support the
 fight against breast cancer.


 Peace, love, and good health to all,

 Sherri Martens-Curtis


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